Call for Papers  

Speakers and Abstracts

Paul Bembridge
The Gnostic Crisis: Getting Evil out of the Heavens

Julye Bidmead, Chapman University, and Marilyn Love, Chapman University
Išhtar's Journey: Above and Below

Freedom Cole
Hindu Worship and Astrology

Meira Epstein
Cosmic Order, the Heavens and the Special Role of the Luminaries in Jewish Calendric Cycles, in Art, in Sacred Literature and Rituals throughout the Ages

Hannelore Goos
Sun and Moon in Germanic Religion - from the Viking Age to Modern Germanic Paganism

Konstantinos Gravanis
The Heavenly Bodies in Early Christian Art

Stavroula Konstantopoulou
Hubris in the Skies: expelling the sacred in Aristophanes' Birds and Clouds

Matthew Kosuta
Worshipping Rahu in Thailand

Astrid Leimlehner
Ancient deities and new meanings: The role of myths in 20th century astrology

Marcello De Martino
Hestia: The Indo-European Goddess of the Cosmic Central Fire

Laura Michetti
Saturn and the Evolving Godhead

Kenneth D. Miller
A World Thoroughly Enchanted: The Rise of Hinduism & The Rise of Astrology

Dragana Van de Moortel-Ilić
Images of the Sun, the Moon and planets in Serbian medieval churches

Reinhard Mussik
Why do people connect supposed prehistoric sacred places in virtual space at the summer solstice?

Micah Ross
The Festivals of Aquarius

Rachel Schmid
Practical Depictions: Interpreting Images of Divinity in the Heavens in Late Antique Eretz Israel

Gaia Somasca



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