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Meira Epstein

Meira Epstein

Cosmic Order, the Heavens and the Special Role of the Luminaries in Jewish Calendric Cycles, in Art, in Sacred Literature and Rituals throughout the Ages


Jewish tradition, from Biblical times to our day, has preserved cosmic awareness that goes beyond the customary glorification of the might of the creator of the world.

It is ever-present and ubiquitous, passed from one generation to the next via a strong tradition of rituals and study - pointing to a vivid recognition of the cosmos in every part of life. It is found in calendric cycles, the liturgy and the daily prayers, illustration of marriage documents, synagogue art, the language, and even in legal discussions in pages of the Talmud.


Meira Epstein has researched Abraham Ibn Ezra's astrological texts since the late 1980's. Her published translations are The Beginning of Wisdom, The Book of Reasons, The Book of Nativities, and The Correspondence between Maimonides and the Rabbis of the South of France about Astrology. In preparation are The Book of Elections and The Book of Interrogations.

She is a certified professional astrological consultant and a principal teacher for the NCGR education and certification program, focusing on classical astrology, the science, astronomy and history. Meira lectures and teaches internationally on all aspects of astrology.

A college degree and a career in teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) in Israel, was followed by a full-Saturn cycle career in computer programming on Wall Street.




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