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Hannelore Goos

Hannelore Goos

Sun and Moon in Germanic Religion - from the Viking Age to Modern Germanic Paganism


Already in the Poetic and Prose Edda from the 13th Century Mani (moon) and Sól (sun) are mentioned several times. The relevant parts of these documents shall be cited in an English translation and commented concerning their possible meaning and current relevant discussions about their contents. In the second Merseburg Incantation, a charm in Old High German, presumably dated from the 9th or 10th Century AD Sunna (sun) is mentioned. This will be presented too. A few closing remarks as to whether Germanic Pagans today still venerate the sun and moon are included and a modern tale about it will conclude the lecture.


Hannelore Goos, former science teacher and staff member of a comprehensive school, is since 1988 engaged in astrology. She studied i. a. with the German astrologers Manfred M. Herm, Edith Wangemann and Bernd A. Mertz, followed by a profound study of literature. Since 1991 she is giving lectures. Starting 2001, she is mainly focused at astrological basic research and published 8 astrological books. As a Member of the German Mensa network since 1991 she is interested in pursuing new ideas. Her book "Gods in the Sky: Roman Roots of Astrological Symbols" recently was translated into English and will be published in 2016.



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