Details of speakers will be published here when programme is finalised

Keynote Speakers

Professor Hilary Carey
Professor of Imperial & Religious History, University of Bristol

Dr Spike Bucklow
Senior Research Scientist and Teacher of Theory at the Hamilton Kerr Institute, Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge
Lower Astrology and Silent Poetry


Dr Darrelyn Gunzburg
Department of History of Art, University of Bristol, and Sophia Centre, University of Wales Trinity Saint David
Motif and memory within the zodiac constellations in art: a 'pittura' franca



Reza Assasi, MA
A Bull-Slayer encompassed by zodiac signs: revisiting Mithraic Art

Professor Robert A. Benfer

Dr Catherine Blackledge
Lily and Art

Dr Bernadette Brady
The art of detachment, the role of the horoscope in the practice of astrology

Dr Liana De Girolami Cheney
The zodiac signs of Otranto Cathedral, Puglia: Signification of Vice and Virtue

Ruth Clydesdale, MA
Seeing the World Soul: Ficino and Talismanic Art

Barbara Dunn
Joining 'arte and nature together':The Astrological Cosmology of Early Modern Astrologer-Physicians

Dr Richard Dunn
Picturing the practitioner: notes towards an iconography of astrological practice

Dr Martin Gansten
Ars, techne, sastra, 'ilm: What's in a name?

Liesbeth Grotenhuis, MA
Twinkling voices from the Gods: Fernand Khnopff's use of stars as mystique guides

Professor Annette Lee
Native Skywatchers - Reach for the Art in the Sky

Dr Thomas Lolis
Fluddean Art: An Inquiry into Visual Representations of the Cosmos

Dr Christel Mattheeuws
In memory of Razafindrabe: the difficult skill of astrologers in West Bezanozano, Central East Madagascar

John Meeks
Astrological Symbolism in Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzivâl

Dr Suzanne Nolan
Dwarfs as an Ancient Maya Metaphor for the Stars

Dr Micah Ross
A Tale of Two Tails

Dr Claudia Rousseau
Astrological Imagery and Rulership Propaganda

The Sophia Centre
University of Wales Trinity Saint David