Call for Papers

Astrology As Art: Representation and Practice

Date: Saturday 27th June and Sunday 28th June 2015
Conference Venue: Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institute
16-19 Queen Square, Bath BA1 2HN, UK

Keynote Speakers

Professor Hilary Carey, Professor of Imperial & Religious History, University of Bristol

Dr Spike Bucklow, Senior Research Scientist and Teacher of Theory at the Hamilton Kerr Institute, Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge

Dr Darrelyn Gunzburg, Department of History of Art, University of Bristol, and Sophia Centre, University of Wales TSD

Astrology is often described as an art. However, the implications of this statement are rarely, if ever, discussed. At the same time the zodiac, stars and planets have often been a source of inspiration for artists. Yet the meaning of what is portrayed, and the intent of the artist, are rarely considered.  In what sense is astrology an art, and in what ways does it become the subject of artistic representation?

This academic conference will consider the relationship between astrology and art.

We invite submissions for lectures of thirty minutes in two areas: the practice of astrology and the representation of images depicting, representing or referring to the zodiac, stars and planets in any media. Speakers are invited to consider the nature and definitions of art.

When considering the practice of astrology, questions might include the nature of astrological texts and the assumptions they reveal, the ways in which astrologers work with clients and identify meaning in the cosmos. When examining the depiction or representation of the zodiac, stars and planets, questions may arise concerning the nature of signification, symbolism, agency or magic. Submissions may tackle any period or culture: for example, Babylonian, Hellenistic, Medieval, Modern, Chinese, Indian or Mesoamerican.

Please send an abstract of 100-200 words and a biography of 50-100 words to:
Dr Nicholas Campion,
School of Archaeology, History and Anthropology,

Deadline for applications to speak: 31 December 2014
The Programme will be confirmed by 31 January 2015
The Proceedings will be published by the Sophia Centre Press.

The Sophia Centre
University of Wales Trinity Saint David